F.S Law Solicitors

"The name you can trust"

Farooq Sheikh LLB (Hons)
Solicitor (Principal) 

Farooq Sheikh is the sole founder of F.S Law Solicitors having set up after leaving Colemans-CTTS Solicitors. Prior to  Colemans-CTTS Solicitors, Farooq Sheikh worked at Roberts Jackson Solicitors, United Solicitors, Ask Legal Solicitors and Pennine Kennedy Solicitors. 

Farooq Sheikh is a vastly experienced Solicitor and has significant experience in various areas of law, in particular, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Advocacy, Immigration, Wills & Probate, Commercial and Family Law matters.  

Farooq Sheikh has impeccable linguistic skills being able to converse fluently in several languages, ranging from, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and, of course, English.